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I have learned over my many years of customer service delivery that the more I understand my client’s personality the better the interaction goes. Whether dealing with an upset client or trying to maximize a sales interaction the more you reflect their personality style the more successful the interaction will be.

There are many different personality profiling methodologies whether colours, shapes or words they all do the same thing. They allow you to understand your own personality more clearly and they teach you to identify other peoples’ personality traits as well. My profiling method of choice is the D.I.S.C System.

A keen focus on understanding another person’s personality will allow you to interact in a manner that creates a successful outcome. The trick is to quickly figure out the person you are talking to and change your approach to match their style.

As a manager of a sales team I taught my team to use personality profiles to understand each other and their customers.  What I found is that my team had a better understanding of each other and why certain members of our team might clash due to personality differences. This created understanding and acceptance within the team. My dominant team members understood why their conscientious team mates rubbed them the wrong way. They learned how to approach different team members in a manner than worked better and created harmony within the team.

The same is true of our customer interactions. If we had a customer with a more dominate personality and a team member with a more conscientious style the staff member quickly understood who they were working with and tried to refrain from high levels of detail that our dominate customer would be frustrated with.

I highly recommend that any manager who wants their team to interact more effectively to learn these techniques to create a better working relationship.  It is a must for anyone that works directly with your customers.

Learn your style first then learn to identify others. It takes time and practice to get good at it. I believe it is time well spent.

To learn more about the D.I.S.C System check out  https://www.discprofile.com/what-is-disc/overview/ or feel free to contact me directly for more information and training opportunities.



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